Thursday, August 5, 2010

I MARRIED YOU..........

You must have heard of the age old love stories…. LAILA-MAJNU……………;HEER-RANJHA….. ROMEO-JULIET…; and the list goes on!!!! All were great lovers of their times and are idols for the young generation especially for those who are in love. Have you noticed something…. All the legends…. Whom I just mentioned were NOT MARRIED. Had they married they wouldn’t have got a place in history. Cause, marriage with it brings so much more responsibility and still more patience to fill in the vast differences between two people.

Every time you see your husband throwing things here and there, making your shelf untidy whenever he takes out his shirt, losing things and looking at you…… as if you misplaced it somewhere….. lolz … the LOVE just VANISHES into thin air. And the same rule applies for husbands….. When their bank accounts seem like crashing stock markets every time their wives come out of a beauty parlor smiling… when they make a droopy face and say… this is the last jewelery ill purchase or when the hungry husband returns home and is greeted by a pathetic face…. Sooooorryyy I forgot to tell you… rice wasn’t there at home … so I didn’t cook…LOVE just EVAPORATES…

Seriously, we forgot to pay respect to all those people who with all these differences still stayed with each other and cared for each other. This is LOVE… when everyday in the morning you are happy to see your better half lying beside you, peacefully… although yesterday night you had a big argument. When you know although you both are so different still the other one is the only person before whom you can tell whatever you want…… . When no matter how depressed you are… you forget your worries trying to make the other happy. When there is someone who braves your failures and celebrates your successes as if it were his/hers. When although one fights with you… still when you are hurt cries for you… when one is angry on you…. Still prays to god if you are late for home….

So, dear friends at least for me, from now on, its NOT gonna be the usual I LOVE YOU.. but forever and ever I MARRIED YOU

Sunday, June 6, 2010


“Tia, no you can’t go alone”; “mamma please, im already in my 11th, I can go alone……’s only 18 kms from here”; “keep the phone Tia, let papa come we will go together, I have lots of work today.” But as expected the phone rang and from the other side and a male voice said, “Tia beta, don’t worry you take out your bicycle and ill handle your mom ……..and don’t forget to give my wishes to your friend”. Papa is the best……. That’s what Tia thought and gave the phone to her mom……….. Mrs. Ray’s husband as always took his daughters side “Priya, she’s old enough let her go ……her friend stays only 18 kms from here if she leaves now she’ll reach in 1 hour….we should let her discover the world and here all know us, there wont be any problem”…..Mrs. ray kept the phone and looked at tia and said “ok, you can go and don’t forget to call me back as soon as you reach, and wait wait take this gajar ka halwa she really likes it.” Tia shouted, “You are the best parents ever”……and she went down the lane of her first ever journey alone……..

“Bye Hari uncle…….bye Chachi…hey Sunita im going to my Sarita’s house on my bicycle”…….Sunita waved at her and shouted “have a nice day Tia and tell me how was it.” On the way she stopped near a park and plucked some fresh flowers for her best friend and smiled and said, “sarita, it will be the best surprise for your birthday.” It was 4:00 pm and the weather was quite a pleasant one…..but oh god this wasn’t in plans it started raining heavily and she stopped at a small bus stand. A man with a big moustache was standing there and gave her a grim look…….there were three ladies sitting and gossiping they didn’t even turn to look at her……just then a young boy entered the dilapidated bus stand and kept staring at her……but, she was just bothered that, was the rain going to spoil her otherwise first….would be… adventurous short trip….. all alone. The rain didn’t seem to stop and she was already very tired. She decided to take a short nap.

Suddenly she heard so many voices …..As if there was some party going on. She opened her eyes to see that it was 8:00 pm. “Oh god! I slee….pt so laaate….oh my god what am I doing in this palace? My bicycle??” She turned to see it was kept right behind her but it wasn’t leaning to a dilapidated wall. The wall was polished one with craft work on it. She was confused and thought how tensed her mom would be??? She stepped outside the room …… it was a magnificent palace and there were so many men and women celebrating. All dressed, like the people in the fairy stories, that her grand mother used to tell her, when she was small. All dressed in exquisite jewellery and such beautiful costumes…..her eyes remained fixed they didn’t blink even. Suddenly someone pulled her inside and pushed her to the corner wall and closed her mouth…..two armed men crossed the balcony where she was standing. She stamped the feet of the boy who held her and blurted out, “you are the same boy who was standing in the bus stand?” “But why are you dressed like a prince”…… he smiled and said, “Because I’m the prince and it’s my engagement ceremony going on.” Suddenly Tia felt that she was staring at a very handsome young man…….prince. “What is your name?” she asked. He replied “I am Adwaitya”……. “But how did I come here? And why did you pull me inside when you saw those guards coming.” He replied, “You won’t understand”…… “If they had seen you they would have killed you”…….. “But why??? What have I done I don’t even know where I am?”….. “You are in the palace of Maharaja Ranjit.” Suddenly they heard a shrill voice “Rajkumar Adwaitya …….. Rajkumar Adwaitya” …….

He went outside keeping Tia guessing what was happening. An elderly woman in a beautiful sari …was enquiring. Adwaitya said, “Pranam matashri”. The over dressed woman asked “What are you doing in this room?”…. “No no im not doing anything”….. Then she moved her fingers on his head and continued “I know you are upset. I know you don’t want to marry but believe me it’s for your good that maharaja has arranged this girl……..look at Mrimayee how beautiful she is looking.” He didn’t say anything but told he would go down in some time……..the lady smiled at her and went away. Meanwhile Tia was almost in tears. He returned back to her and said “how can you girls cry so easily, I wish, I could even cry and tell that I don’t want to marry her……and anyways you look still prettier when you cry”……… and as all must be knowing once you praise a woman she forgets her tears…….and tia wasn’t any exception…….she blushed and said “stop joking and tell me how can I go from here.” He was lost in her small tiny eyes which already looked lost. He held her hand and took her to a door behind the room…..Tia said... “Oh! I forgot my cycle” wait here ill get it and in next few moments they got inside a big cave like thing with many torches …….it led into a beautiful and a big garden… had flowers of all types …….Adwaitya plucked one beautiful pink rose and gave it to her and then plucked a blood red apple and said “ you must be hungry please have it” just then Tia realized that she had been very selfish all this while and asked, “So, the Rajkumar doesn’t want to marry but he’s being forced to marry……” he stopped there and held her hand and said, “Tia, if I tell something you won’t believe. When I saw you in the bus stand standing alone smiling to yourself……I had lost my heart to you that very moment……I had agreed to get married but after I saw you I…..” Tia was shocked and of course very happy that PRINCE had fallen in love with her……..but she hid her happiness and showed only the shock “what?” ……. “Yes Tia” , but you don’t belong to my world and …….then suddenly he pulled her inside a bush and group of men, all armed, walked down the way…..trampling the tender grasses below there feet. Meanwhile through the leaves in the bushes, Tia kept on staring at him…….and as soon as they went she asked “ what do you mean by that and what world…… who are you?” “Tia, its 16th century……” that was enough to make Tia faint…….

“Tia beta ……….Tia beta open your eyes, I told you but you didn’t listen”………..the voices seemed like her parents voices. She opened her eyes and there she was lying on the lap of her mother. “How did I come here?......I was……I was…..” her father caressed her hair and said beta don’t worry uncle Hari saw that you had fainted in a bus stand…… he had gone to take shelter there because of rains….. “And… where is Adwaitya…..”….. “Which Adwaitya, Tia you were there alone in the bus stand”…… she looked at her right hand the pink rose was still there in it………and closed her eyes and slept……

While going that way again Tia kept staring at the bus stand till it perished from her eyes……. The car stopped at a small black colored gate and her granny came out and hugged her tightly….that day at night granny told Tia……. “Tia you know, that old bus stand on the way …….people say it was a big palace long back……and it is said that……it was a fateful night…..the prince of the palace had his engagement but there was a fire outbreak and the whole palace had perished.” Tia took out her diary and took out the rose and asked “Was the name of the prince Adwaitya?” granny said “I don’t know the name of the prince but the king was Maharaja Ranjit”……….. A drop of tear rolled down her eyes and fell on a petal of the flower…….and she wrote in her diary, “I don’t even know whether my first love was a truth or dream…….”

Saturday, May 15, 2010

frustrated thoughts!!!

The other day my exams of 1st yr Msc were to begin and guess what the stress of exams took the form of a poem……….. Folks I really don’t believe studying is that difficult still the emotions that day were uncontrollable!!!

And yep, C.N.S = CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. (I have used the word C.N.S in between)

Studies are very difficult
Anatomy makes me gloomy
It’s like digestion without tummy
Physiology is like a terrible sound
That made my oval window round
And biochemistry is scientist’s fault
Like food cooked without salt
C.N.S has rattled my brain
It stimulates my sensation of pain
Abdomen could not be digested
All this waste needs to be excreted
Vitamins may be like a holy saint
But, its deficiency is making me faint
Thorax increased my heart rate
Ion channels in me have closed their gate
Special senses may be human’s gain
But it only made my lacrimal glands rain
Proteins increased my gastric motility
Carbohydrates now taste very salty
Classrooms seem like battle grounds
And studies like big, barking hounds
So, ultimately I decided, to fight
And overpower all the enemies at sight!!!

But but……..all stories wrapped up….. Studies are important and we need to understand that!!!! So folks study hard ;)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

DRUG FOR MY LIFE.......... my sister!!!!

The other day I was excited to find an old file……. Which i thought that I had lost……but thanks to my superhero (my husband) I got it. My happiness knew no bounds and was converted in the form chicken pakoda, no points for guessing that it was a prize for my better half, nevertheless he deserved it.

The file had my old certificates report cards….and more than that it had those letters which my dearie rimu (my sister) wrote whenever I was low…….some old photographs of us together, cards she gave me on my birthdays…….hm….I felt as if I got the national treasure. The next moment I was simultaneously smiling and crying. It’s a famous proverb “BECAUSE GOD CANT REACH EVERYWHERE HE MADE MOTHERS”; but for me, god became extra kind and gave me a sister like her. I was in class three and she was in class one…….. friends used to bully me a lot…..and there she would be like my god mother, would come from nowhere…… push me aside and pinch those bullies, make faces at them, and would end up getting scolding from teachers. Still there won’t be a shade of sadness on her face and would hold my hand and say; “didi next time they tell you anything just tell me.” Sometimes I wonder am I really older to her? I saw people questioning her abilities but she would be least bothered………her favorite dialogue is “tension lene ka nahin deneka”

Her optimism towards life and her practical approach is like a drug for me……every time im in a fix I think what would have she done if she was in my place……many people call her Preity Zinta probably coz of her dimple……but for me her character is exactly like the one of Kareena in Jab We Met……always in the constant go of spreading happiness. I have never seen her yelling at anyone. Enemies, this word is just not in her dictionary. Her letters to me would be mixture of some songs which would ultimately make me laugh. I bet just sit near her for two minutes and you would be charmed. No, it’s not because she is beautiful but because of the way she is. If people have some talent they boast about it, but she quietly does her work and always remains grounded. Make her stay near some devil, I bet it will also become a saint. Yes! She is younger to me but she is my inspiration. I feel she is my good luck charm……..and now that Im married I really miss our long drives, eating gupchup like mad ( even if we had a one rupee then also we used to go and …one she ate and the other one I ate), pastries of Dinshaw’s (was our favorite), wearing same colored dresses…….and our long gossips…….hm

RIMU, I really miss being with you…. For you are not only my sister but just everything for me and everyday I don’t forget to thank god cause I must have been special, for he gave me one of his best creations….and its u. TOUCHWOOD!!!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sitara……..for me the Shining Star

“Aunty, chips are bad for health, and it also causes obesity”; “what????” I exclaimed! In front was sitting a girl who must have been in her nursery. I turned pink in shame when my better half didn’t forget to giggle. That’s because, to bring happiness on my face full of anxiety, on seeing the chips stall he had forgotten his duty as a doctor. And with much reluctance he had purchased those so called junk food. Forget it… I was forced to wrap the packet and keep it inside the bag, as her little eyes pierced through me. She wasn’t to stop there. She went again….”and aunty, that cold drinks in your bag isn’t good even, it’s actually ACID” I was thinking now what was that baby. And my dear husband didn’t forget to poke at me. With lot of difficulty I smiled at the kid and asked her,” what is your name?” she replied, “I am sitara”. I asked her parents in which class she studied. I had guessed correct she was in nursery. They said,” please don’t mind we have told her all this to keep her away from junk food.” I told them not to worry and that it was perfectly fine with me.

The next moment, the enemy of my favorite diet chips and cold drinks was sitting on my lap and gossiping with me. I asked her what her favorite color was. She had replied, “Pink”. “Oh! That’s a beautiful color sitara”, I exclaimed. “And, what do like to eat sweetheart?” “Mmmmmm… I like apple…you know an apple a day keeps doctor away.” She said she loved to sing dance and draw. She asked me if I could tell some story. I didn’t hesitate because by that time I had known that this train journey would be a memorable one. I told the same age old story of Cinderella and how her patience won. She said, “Aunty know what, I have heard this story so many times but this time I learnt a new moral.” I asked her “and what is it?” she said, “Patience, can get you anything you want.” Oh! I was really happy that I could impress the generation next. This time it was my turn I requested her to tell me one. She told, “There was a small boy. He used to think a lot. All said he would do nothing in his life. And that he was a big fool. Slowly time passed and he grew up. One day he was sleeping under an apple tree. Suddenly an apple fell down and he again thought and thought….and discovered the laws of gravitation. And made us understand that gravity makes everything come down. And that boy was no one else but the famous scientist Newton. I looked at her awestruck. I just couldn’t believe a kid studying in nursery knew who Newton was and what gravity is. Before I could come out of the shock, my husband asked her to sing one of her favorite songs. She requested us to stand and to add to my shock she sang Jana Gana Mana….without any mistake.

Her proud mom smiled and said that it was the first prayer they had taught her. That small kid and her parents left such an impression on me that I fail to describe in words. That impact wads too strong one to be deleted from my mind. And every train journey following that one made me remember them. Kudos to the parents who although were working hard in their offices still could instill such confidence and patriotic fervor in their kids.

Dear sitara, now every time I see the chips packet, I turn around and yep! Thanks to you cause now I know the reason for obesity.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Today I feel liberated
I feel like flying high
Higher than mountains and sky
Yes! I am not afraid to die

Today I don’t feel underestimated
I feel like proving beyond doubt
There’s nothing that I can’t do
And can’t give opinion about

Today I feel highly elated
I feel like telling everyone
The world knows my importance
And knows, I am not less than anyone

Today I don’t feel manipulated
I feel the power in my soul
Yes! I can reach the finish line
No matter how many stones you roll

Yes! Today I feel rejuvinated
I feel the warmth in sun’s ray
It makes me feel just so special
And I happily celebrate WOMEN’S DAY

Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Day through the eyes of a teenager

Dear friends......Valentines Day is there again. As always this time even shiv sainiks might get many of u married If you are found hanging around with your loved ones.....lots of havoc and still love will be in the air.....especially in the minds of teenagers who may not be knowing the reason why the day is celebrated but never forget to buy cards and roses and gifts to flaunt their love!!

no this isn't going to be a long speech on valentines day but just a short story that might remind u your that funny teenage valentines day...... happy reading!

Since the day i stepped into my teens uttering of the word 'valentines day' gave me goose flesh. And, when the day arrived all of my friends ,me included never forgot to buy a red rose and flaunt it before others. Every Valentines Day gave me an opportunity to dream of a dashing man driving an enticer, kneeling in front of me......blah! Blah! Blah! Yes, the story is the same but please notice its enticer not a horse. And, the hopeless romantic that I am, I never missed an opportunity to dream of my so called dream man on my favorite bike.

I had stepped into my 15th year and it was the 3rd Valentines Day since my entry into this lovey dovey world. That day when I went to the bus stand, a boy drove past me on an enticer with a bunch of roses in his hands. Gosh! i just couldn't stop gazing at him. Suddenly he stopped his bike near a humble pan shop around 10 mts away from our bus stand. All girls in the green skirt and white top with neatly tied hair and checked tie, by that time had started shouting bus! Bus! But, my eyes were still on the enticer and those roses. Actually, the biker wore a helmet still he looked very handsome because he was driving my favorite bike. A rush of adrenaline went through my veins when I saw him following our bus. But then he disappeared.

We entered school in all spirits, "Happy valentine's day, amrita"; my best friend swagatika shouted. She had made one high pony that day, although our school rules are to tie 2 ponies. But, the day was special and yes every girl looked pretty. Never mind that we had an uniform, all did something different to themselves. Swagatika was staring hard at me then suddenly she bursted out, "hey! You are wearing lipstick, isn't it?" I blushed and couldn’t muster up the courage to say a yes. I rubbed my lips and said,"Ohh! I forgot to wipe it off, I was jjjuuuussst trying a new shade that mamma had purchased." "Oh! That’s ok", she said. "But why did you rub it off, it was looking so pretty on you." Then i realized what a big mistake I had done by wiping it off, and how I really wished that I had brought it to school and applied it once again. All the while, in the assembly, I kept on thinking that my dream of looking beautiful on this special day was gone the moment i lost that pink shade from my lips.

Assembly finished and swagatika was held back for tying one pony. She winked at me, to explain that she's smart enough to get rid of this problem. When our captain scolded her, she blurted, “mmmmmammmma is not there....i was alone at home......and i don't to tie 2 ponnies." but, poor girl little did she know what was to happen next. Sister Hilda (our vice principal) called the caught ones to her cabin and in a row they all went with the look of a lamb to be slaughtered. She took out a comb, as if it were a sword, caught hold of each one's hair and made 2 ponnies on their heads.

Meanwhile, in the classroom, I was feeling too tensed for her. And everyone was wondering what might have happened to our dear beauty queen in sister's room. She entered in like a brave soldier who had just faced a daring battle but was captured by the enemy. Here the enemy had tied 2 ponnies, which was a big no for Valentines Day. Actually seeing her I wanted to burst out into laughter. But, you see duty of a friend. I sympathized with her and even muttered the slogan for Sister Hilda....."Hilda Hilda ghee of dalda aj tere ghar mein bane sadha hua anda." she (swagatika) seemed quite relaxed after this back biting therapy about our Hitler, and I prayed god to forgive me for uttering the slogan.

Just then Miss Jyoti our class teacher cum English teacher as lovely as ever entered inside wearing a pink sari. All of us wished her good morning and then began murmuring. She looked through her spectacles and her small nose and a question mark expression made her look still more beautiful. She exclaimed! "What happened why so much of hustle bustle today girls?" and we all shouted in chorus “happy valentines day, miiiiisss"she smiled and said "same to u, I don’t know what craze you girls have for this Valentines Day." The day was perfect and we were reading act something, scene something, where Lorenzo and Jessica were deeply immersed in their love. She (Miss Jyoti) kept on teaching and when bell rang she finished it off by saying "girls! Your age now is not for making valentines but to study and achieve your dreams and later in your lives I am sure you all shall get your valentines, but first become responsible ladies and then search for him." We all blushed and in chorus we all shouted, "Yeeeeeeessssss misssss."

Phew! The whole day went by in studying the so very difficult class ten books. The best wish which we got was from Miss Sarita our chemistry teacher. With her very evident Oriya accent she told "thaank you and Happy Bhalentines Day to you too." And, a wave of giggles ran through the class.

The last bell rang and it was time to part and we waved at each other and got into our respective buses. Swagatika told me to call her up. She said,"mamma is too tensed with the phone bills so she has locked the phone don’t forget to call me in the evening, ok." and there went a long byeeeeeee!!

When our school bus left the campus, again I saw the same boy and my heart started beating harder, this time I could hear it. He again followed our bus. I had the window seat that day and through the corner of my eyes........ I tried hard to look at him. Then the bus stopped......"amrita, amrita", prerna didi shouted. "What are you thinking get down it’s our busstand"I got down and saw him at the same shop. My sixth sense kept on telling me..............."amrita this is your dream maaaan on entiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccceeeeeeerrrrrrr." Suddenly he was standing in front of me with the roses and a card. I was terrified. Prerna di took a step back. He said, “I! Am suresh!!!I have been....................................................................." what did he say? I didn’t hear a word my eyes were fixed on the enticer. A bell rang in my head and the words of Miss Jyoti started singing as if they were the verses from the bible. And, i stepped back, looked at him and refused to take them and told him to go away. Prerna di was looking at me awestruck. I took her hand and walked down the road to our houses. He was still standing there. Didi said she was proud to have a junior like me and patted me. And I was all the time thinking about ENTICER.

To give the first hand account to my best friend, I ran towards the phone but unfortunately the phone was dead. The next day I entered school in all spirits and swagatika came from behind and hugged me, gave a big smile and said,"Hm, I know what happened yesterday" and all my seniors and friends were gaping at me. No wonder why they called prerna di an 'all India radio'. So my dear friends that special Valentines Day didn’t give me my hero on enticer but definitely made me a heroine and that was of course a better bargain any day..... ;)

*pls note this story isn’t a real one and the characters are fictitious except me, my best friend and my dear Miss Jyoti.

I hope u all liked my just a bit of teenage imagination!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dedicated to my loving husband

My love is always in a hurry
and then hides is faults
by sweetly saying a sorry.

Tells his life is very tough
and prescribes a medicine
everytime i casually cough.

We quarrel a lot over petty things
giggle madly , then make up,
until the second warning bell rings.

Out of the blue we float together
then separate our ways,but to find out
that we cant live without each other.

He's a book and story untold
cause everytime u open it
u find smthing new to be unfold.

Loves table tennis and cricket match
but when he sits down to talk to me
believe me, his face is worth to watch

He always runs much behind the time
i always hear rinostat paracetamol
whenever i call him, be it eight or nine

Forgets everything, whatever it be
a stethoscope, raincoat, bike
a file and may be even me

I know he loves me such a lot
but doesnt know to express,then
tries to lie,but easily gets caught

I close my eyes and then only to find him
with patients and medicines all around,and
then his tender touch breaks this wild dream

I love him for whatever he is
he is very different, as he says
my love for him will never cease
with all passing months and days!!!

In search of my shadow

In search of my shadow
hid behind the mountains
i plunged into the seas
with a feeling so uncertain.

My shadow mingled
with the darkness
nowhere could i find it
its hid somewhere in loneliness.

Everywhere was i hurt
but i overcame them
and pursued my search
as a lonely helm

The bruises underneath
hurted me to extremes
but the urge to find it
were my only dreams

It was hid behind the mountains
in the beautiful dawn
but lo! what was it
all tattered and torn

i crossed the boundary of ages
with a faith persisiting in me
i will find it someday,but
it was shattered from head to knee!!

I wrote this poem in the context that.....sometimes world around u changes u so much that u cant recognise urself....nd here shadow refers to my true self that ws lost smwhere bt i decided to find it nd many difficulties came in my path.........i found it bt it ws so changed!!


Hammering the hard stones
With beads of sweat on his head
Bearing all his father's loans
he didn't know where his future lead

His feet was bruised
His hands so rough
No matter how hard he tried
He coudn't get out of his life so tough.

Looking at the busstand
Full of children shouting
And walking hand in hand
He couldn't stop crying.

Wiping away his tears
He decided to face the reality
And laughed away his fears
silently accepting the verdict of almighty

His torn shirt and uncombed hair
His gloomy eyes with hopes in them
Spoke of his life not so fair
But determined to reach what he dreamt

He dreams and dreams of a better world
where he could study and stand high
there is a duty for us to behold
and stop the tear from coming in his eye..