Thursday, March 24, 2011


"I expected that she would be there for me"; this was the statement that I blurted out, just a few days ago. It made me think about EXPECTATIONS..... what does it actually mean?? It means we predecide the reaction of a person on the other side,i.e, whether he should laugh/cry/get irritated...etc etc.
Parents expect that their children should get good grades in all subjects.How can they expect good grades in science when actually the kid is in love with history and is not interested in science.
Friend's expect.... I was there for her so he/she should be there for me.Well, maybe you did something for him /her, but you cannot decide whether they'll do something for you. Maybe they have some more important commitments then....maybe you are not as important to them as you treat them to be.
I expected he would play well, he normally does so. May be he is injured , may be he is not well, may be he didn't sleep last night....
How can we expect certain from completely different people...whose mentalities, working conditions, life itself... can never be like ours..because we definitely are different.
And then we say "EXPECTATIONS hurt". Yes!! they definitely will, because we think we can decide for others.
So, my dear friends...... the only person you can expect from is yourself and noone else, because you understand yourself better than you understand anyone else.