Saturday, July 2, 2016


And i laugh out loud Ha...ha...ha!! seriously. Some days back, I was boasting in front of my better half..."....and i smartly lied and escaped the situation." And while we were giggling about it...from behind, "mamma! why did you lie...when you tell me not to do so?"
For a moment we were speechless and red faced....I was clueless that my little daughter could now understand things so clearly. Somehow, we managed the situation...we were caught; caught lying!!
My little girl's accusation made me ponder.. when i taught her about telling truth, i forgot to tell her a basic one. "LIES" were going to be a part and parcel of her life.
She made me think, as to why do we lie...??i came up with some reasons. Firstly and mostly because we know we are wrong. Secondly, out of fear of the reaction of the third person (be it anger or mockery). Thirdly, when we don't have the patience to make the other person see our viewpoint....
and Lastly, just to avoid the situation. (well, at least these are some reasons i could come up with).
Whatever be the reasons...ultimately we resort to lies....i guess cause its easier. I asked my grandmother in law...she started explaining me about satyug ..kalyug..Mahabharata. According to her it was the effect of kalyug. Another reason, i she poked me and said sometimes its important to lie...Just that your lie shouldn't harm anyone.
Anyhow, that day when i went to bed my daughter still had the same question on her lips. I distracted her by taking her to an imaginary world of chocolates..( chocolate etc). I had no answer this time.....maybe when she grows up, life would teach her how, why and when to LIE.