Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Day through the eyes of a teenager

Dear friends......Valentines Day is there again. As always this time even shiv sainiks might get many of u married If you are found hanging around with your loved ones.....lots of havoc and still love will be in the air.....especially in the minds of teenagers who may not be knowing the reason why the day is celebrated but never forget to buy cards and roses and gifts to flaunt their love!!

no this isn't going to be a long speech on valentines day but just a short story that might remind u your that funny teenage valentines day...... happy reading!

Since the day i stepped into my teens uttering of the word 'valentines day' gave me goose flesh. And, when the day arrived all of my friends ,me included never forgot to buy a red rose and flaunt it before others. Every Valentines Day gave me an opportunity to dream of a dashing man driving an enticer, kneeling in front of me......blah! Blah! Blah! Yes, the story is the same but please notice its enticer not a horse. And, the hopeless romantic that I am, I never missed an opportunity to dream of my so called dream man on my favorite bike.

I had stepped into my 15th year and it was the 3rd Valentines Day since my entry into this lovey dovey world. That day when I went to the bus stand, a boy drove past me on an enticer with a bunch of roses in his hands. Gosh! i just couldn't stop gazing at him. Suddenly he stopped his bike near a humble pan shop around 10 mts away from our bus stand. All girls in the green skirt and white top with neatly tied hair and checked tie, by that time had started shouting bus! Bus! But, my eyes were still on the enticer and those roses. Actually, the biker wore a helmet still he looked very handsome because he was driving my favorite bike. A rush of adrenaline went through my veins when I saw him following our bus. But then he disappeared.

We entered school in all spirits, "Happy valentine's day, amrita"; my best friend swagatika shouted. She had made one high pony that day, although our school rules are to tie 2 ponies. But, the day was special and yes every girl looked pretty. Never mind that we had an uniform, all did something different to themselves. Swagatika was staring hard at me then suddenly she bursted out, "hey! You are wearing lipstick, isn't it?" I blushed and couldn’t muster up the courage to say a yes. I rubbed my lips and said,"Ohh! I forgot to wipe it off, I was jjjuuuussst trying a new shade that mamma had purchased." "Oh! That’s ok", she said. "But why did you rub it off, it was looking so pretty on you." Then i realized what a big mistake I had done by wiping it off, and how I really wished that I had brought it to school and applied it once again. All the while, in the assembly, I kept on thinking that my dream of looking beautiful on this special day was gone the moment i lost that pink shade from my lips.

Assembly finished and swagatika was held back for tying one pony. She winked at me, to explain that she's smart enough to get rid of this problem. When our captain scolded her, she blurted, “mmmmmammmma is not there....i was alone at home......and i don't to tie 2 ponnies." but, poor girl little did she know what was to happen next. Sister Hilda (our vice principal) called the caught ones to her cabin and in a row they all went with the look of a lamb to be slaughtered. She took out a comb, as if it were a sword, caught hold of each one's hair and made 2 ponnies on their heads.

Meanwhile, in the classroom, I was feeling too tensed for her. And everyone was wondering what might have happened to our dear beauty queen in sister's room. She entered in like a brave soldier who had just faced a daring battle but was captured by the enemy. Here the enemy had tied 2 ponnies, which was a big no for Valentines Day. Actually seeing her I wanted to burst out into laughter. But, you see duty of a friend. I sympathized with her and even muttered the slogan for Sister Hilda....."Hilda Hilda ghee of dalda aj tere ghar mein bane sadha hua anda." she (swagatika) seemed quite relaxed after this back biting therapy about our Hitler, and I prayed god to forgive me for uttering the slogan.

Just then Miss Jyoti our class teacher cum English teacher as lovely as ever entered inside wearing a pink sari. All of us wished her good morning and then began murmuring. She looked through her spectacles and her small nose and a question mark expression made her look still more beautiful. She exclaimed! "What happened why so much of hustle bustle today girls?" and we all shouted in chorus “happy valentines day, miiiiisss"she smiled and said "same to u, I don’t know what craze you girls have for this Valentines Day." The day was perfect and we were reading act something, scene something, where Lorenzo and Jessica were deeply immersed in their love. She (Miss Jyoti) kept on teaching and when bell rang she finished it off by saying "girls! Your age now is not for making valentines but to study and achieve your dreams and later in your lives I am sure you all shall get your valentines, but first become responsible ladies and then search for him." We all blushed and in chorus we all shouted, "Yeeeeeeessssss misssss."

Phew! The whole day went by in studying the so very difficult class ten books. The best wish which we got was from Miss Sarita our chemistry teacher. With her very evident Oriya accent she told "thaank you and Happy Bhalentines Day to you too." And, a wave of giggles ran through the class.

The last bell rang and it was time to part and we waved at each other and got into our respective buses. Swagatika told me to call her up. She said,"mamma is too tensed with the phone bills so she has locked the phone don’t forget to call me in the evening, ok." and there went a long byeeeeeee!!

When our school bus left the campus, again I saw the same boy and my heart started beating harder, this time I could hear it. He again followed our bus. I had the window seat that day and through the corner of my eyes........ I tried hard to look at him. Then the bus stopped......"amrita, amrita", prerna didi shouted. "What are you thinking get down it’s our busstand"I got down and saw him at the same shop. My sixth sense kept on telling me..............."amrita this is your dream maaaan on entiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccceeeeeeerrrrrrr." Suddenly he was standing in front of me with the roses and a card. I was terrified. Prerna di took a step back. He said, “I! Am suresh!!!I have been....................................................................." what did he say? I didn’t hear a word my eyes were fixed on the enticer. A bell rang in my head and the words of Miss Jyoti started singing as if they were the verses from the bible. And, i stepped back, looked at him and refused to take them and told him to go away. Prerna di was looking at me awestruck. I took her hand and walked down the road to our houses. He was still standing there. Didi said she was proud to have a junior like me and patted me. And I was all the time thinking about ENTICER.

To give the first hand account to my best friend, I ran towards the phone but unfortunately the phone was dead. The next day I entered school in all spirits and swagatika came from behind and hugged me, gave a big smile and said,"Hm, I know what happened yesterday" and all my seniors and friends were gaping at me. No wonder why they called prerna di an 'all India radio'. So my dear friends that special Valentines Day didn’t give me my hero on enticer but definitely made me a heroine and that was of course a better bargain any day..... ;)

*pls note this story isn’t a real one and the characters are fictitious except me, my best friend and my dear Miss Jyoti.

I hope u all liked my just a bit of teenage imagination!!