Saturday, May 15, 2010

frustrated thoughts!!!

The other day my exams of 1st yr Msc were to begin and guess what the stress of exams took the form of a poem……….. Folks I really don’t believe studying is that difficult still the emotions that day were uncontrollable!!!

And yep, C.N.S = CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. (I have used the word C.N.S in between)

Studies are very difficult
Anatomy makes me gloomy
It’s like digestion without tummy
Physiology is like a terrible sound
That made my oval window round
And biochemistry is scientist’s fault
Like food cooked without salt
C.N.S has rattled my brain
It stimulates my sensation of pain
Abdomen could not be digested
All this waste needs to be excreted
Vitamins may be like a holy saint
But, its deficiency is making me faint
Thorax increased my heart rate
Ion channels in me have closed their gate
Special senses may be human’s gain
But it only made my lacrimal glands rain
Proteins increased my gastric motility
Carbohydrates now taste very salty
Classrooms seem like battle grounds
And studies like big, barking hounds
So, ultimately I decided, to fight
And overpower all the enemies at sight!!!

But but……..all stories wrapped up….. Studies are important and we need to understand that!!!! So folks study hard ;)