Sunday, April 18, 2010

DRUG FOR MY LIFE.......... my sister!!!!

The other day I was excited to find an old file……. Which i thought that I had lost……but thanks to my superhero (my husband) I got it. My happiness knew no bounds and was converted in the form chicken pakoda, no points for guessing that it was a prize for my better half, nevertheless he deserved it.

The file had my old certificates report cards….and more than that it had those letters which my dearie rimu (my sister) wrote whenever I was low…….some old photographs of us together, cards she gave me on my birthdays…….hm….I felt as if I got the national treasure. The next moment I was simultaneously smiling and crying. It’s a famous proverb “BECAUSE GOD CANT REACH EVERYWHERE HE MADE MOTHERS”; but for me, god became extra kind and gave me a sister like her. I was in class three and she was in class one…….. friends used to bully me a lot…..and there she would be like my god mother, would come from nowhere…… push me aside and pinch those bullies, make faces at them, and would end up getting scolding from teachers. Still there won’t be a shade of sadness on her face and would hold my hand and say; “didi next time they tell you anything just tell me.” Sometimes I wonder am I really older to her? I saw people questioning her abilities but she would be least bothered………her favorite dialogue is “tension lene ka nahin deneka”

Her optimism towards life and her practical approach is like a drug for me……every time im in a fix I think what would have she done if she was in my place……many people call her Preity Zinta probably coz of her dimple……but for me her character is exactly like the one of Kareena in Jab We Met……always in the constant go of spreading happiness. I have never seen her yelling at anyone. Enemies, this word is just not in her dictionary. Her letters to me would be mixture of some songs which would ultimately make me laugh. I bet just sit near her for two minutes and you would be charmed. No, it’s not because she is beautiful but because of the way she is. If people have some talent they boast about it, but she quietly does her work and always remains grounded. Make her stay near some devil, I bet it will also become a saint. Yes! She is younger to me but she is my inspiration. I feel she is my good luck charm……..and now that Im married I really miss our long drives, eating gupchup like mad ( even if we had a one rupee then also we used to go and …one she ate and the other one I ate), pastries of Dinshaw’s (was our favorite), wearing same colored dresses…….and our long gossips…….hm

RIMU, I really miss being with you…. For you are not only my sister but just everything for me and everyday I don’t forget to thank god cause I must have been special, for he gave me one of his best creations….and its u. TOUCHWOOD!!!!!!