Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dedicated to my loving husband

My love is always in a hurry
and then hides is faults
by sweetly saying a sorry.

Tells his life is very tough
and prescribes a medicine
everytime i casually cough.

We quarrel a lot over petty things
giggle madly , then make up,
until the second warning bell rings.

Out of the blue we float together
then separate our ways,but to find out
that we cant live without each other.

He's a book and story untold
cause everytime u open it
u find smthing new to be unfold.

Loves table tennis and cricket match
but when he sits down to talk to me
believe me, his face is worth to watch

He always runs much behind the time
i always hear rinostat paracetamol
whenever i call him, be it eight or nine

Forgets everything, whatever it be
a stethoscope, raincoat, bike
a file and may be even me

I know he loves me such a lot
but doesnt know to express,then
tries to lie,but easily gets caught

I close my eyes and then only to find him
with patients and medicines all around,and
then his tender touch breaks this wild dream

I love him for whatever he is
he is very different, as he says
my love for him will never cease
with all passing months and days!!!

In search of my shadow

In search of my shadow
hid behind the mountains
i plunged into the seas
with a feeling so uncertain.

My shadow mingled
with the darkness
nowhere could i find it
its hid somewhere in loneliness.

Everywhere was i hurt
but i overcame them
and pursued my search
as a lonely helm

The bruises underneath
hurted me to extremes
but the urge to find it
were my only dreams

It was hid behind the mountains
in the beautiful dawn
but lo! what was it
all tattered and torn

i crossed the boundary of ages
with a faith persisiting in me
i will find it someday,but
it was shattered from head to knee!!

I wrote this poem in the context that.....sometimes world around u changes u so much that u cant recognise urself....nd here shadow refers to my true self that ws lost smwhere bt i decided to find it nd many difficulties came in my path.........i found it bt it ws so changed!!


Hammering the hard stones
With beads of sweat on his head
Bearing all his father's loans
he didn't know where his future lead

His feet was bruised
His hands so rough
No matter how hard he tried
He coudn't get out of his life so tough.

Looking at the busstand
Full of children shouting
And walking hand in hand
He couldn't stop crying.

Wiping away his tears
He decided to face the reality
And laughed away his fears
silently accepting the verdict of almighty

His torn shirt and uncombed hair
His gloomy eyes with hopes in them
Spoke of his life not so fair
But determined to reach what he dreamt

He dreams and dreams of a better world
where he could study and stand high
there is a duty for us to behold
and stop the tear from coming in his eye..