Wednesday, April 6, 2011

APRIL 2nd, WORLD CUP 2011.......

The  day started with a prayer,
We don't ask much god, but
This world cup is Sachin's share.

Anxiety reached the mountain's top
Will India win the World Cup, and
Make every Indian's  heart stop?

Brilliant fielding coupled with bowling
We thought were doing the trick, till
Jayawardene silenced the crowd's howling.

With every stroke of his bat ...
Our apex beat had risen,
Will we be able to stop that?

With two seventy five runs to chase,
When Sachin and  Sehwag got out,
Can we get out of this tricky maze?

Gambhir and Kohli answered our worship,
Sailed us through the rough tides,
With a magnificent and daring partnership.

When Virat Kohli was caught out,
Lankans silenced the roaring crowd, but
Gambhir and Dhoni excelled without doubt.

Oh! Gambhir's out, We were in a fix...
But Yuvi filled his place perfectly
And Captain Dhoni finished it with a six.

What followed were happy and winning tears
hugs, laughter, shouting, celebrations, chaos
Yes! this world cup won't be forgotten for years....

One of the most memorable day in every Indian's life!!! :)